Physical Education

By the time a child leaves Hanford, it is hoped that she has found an activity that she can participate in and enjoy for many years to come, realising that exercise is an essential part of everyday life.

Our main aim within the department is to introduce children to sport and exercise and to develop a liking for the subject, educating the mind as well as the body. We seek to provide a happy, caring environment where the emphasis is on enjoyment and taking part and not on the winning at all costs. The girls are encouraged to take on responsibility, to be tolerant and understanding.

To enable each child to develop at her own rate, lessons are planned to include variation in levels. Games sessions are often organised across age ranges to encourage mixing and social interaction between varying ages and abilities. Games Committee members often help with the games sessions which enables them to develop responsibility and respect.

Activities taught include Netball, Hockey, Cross Country Running, Pop Lacrosse, Volleyball, Badminton, Gymnastics, Trampolining and Dance during the winter months and Tennis, Rounders, Athletics, Swimming and Short Tennis throughout the summer.