The need for sound mathematical skills is considered to be an essential requirement for every girl at Hanford. An understanding of Numeracy is an invaluable life skill that that our girls will need to draw on throughout their lives., mathematics plays a major role in the school curriculum.

We encourage girls to develop good basic skills which will enable them to move through the school with increasing confidence and a sense of achievement.

From Year 5 each year group is streamed and there is then some further setting for mathematics. This allows us to concentrate on raising the level of mathematical attainment of every pupil, but still challenge the mathematically more able and allowing them to move forward at a more rapid pace.

We do not follow any of the recognized teaching schemes preferring to choose the best from a selection of material and therefore be more flexible in our approach. Small classes allow for whole class work where everyone can participate and individual attention when it is needed.

Extra Individual lessons are offered to the more able in preparation for scholarship examinations and for those who need some reinforcement for Common Entrance. There is also extra help for any pupil who is struggling to grasp the basic concepts both from the Learning Support Department and the extra mathematics teacher.