The library is situated in the main house, is ‘open’ all the time and is a place where girls and staff can read for pleasure, more or less whenever they wish.

Although a member of the English Department is in the library each day after lunch to help with book selections, the girls are encouraged to be independent in their use of the library, to be responsible for the signing out and returning of books and to play an active role in the purchase of new stock.

Increasingly, the library is also being seen as a place where independent research can take place. The acquisition in 2008 of a large number of new and up-to-date non-fiction texts has provided a very useful learning resource across all subjects in the curriculum.

Above all, the library provides a sanctuary, a place of peace and quiet away from the often hectic pace of boarding school life, where girls can relax, sink into sofas and immerse themselves in the magic of imaginary worlds.