Handwork aims to develop resourceful and creative life skills through the joy of making and designing. All girls have a double lesson each week throughout the school in our well equipped sewing room.

Year 3, 4 and 5 learn traditional handcraft skills such as embroidery, tapestry, weaving, knitting, quilting and felting through creative projects which often link with the history or science curriculum.

Year 6, 7 and 8 use the sewing machines and learn dressmaking skills to make skirts, pyjamas, dresses, aprons and bags. The girls love making and wearing their own clothes, one of the advantages of not having a school uniform! There are several proud Hanford fathers who own colourful handmade ties and pets who sleep on tailor made beds. Textile projects include fabric painting, batik, silk painting and tie dye.

In Year 8 many girls take Art Scholarships and awards to their senior schools. They use their skills to design and make textiles that develop themes in their Art portfolios and often attend open days, interviews and social occasions in outfits that they have made for themselves! The Handwork room is open to senior girls in the evening when they can develop their own work in a relaxed studio atmosphere. Visitors to Hanford remark on how unusual it is for young people to have such a high level of skill and this is reflected by the large number of old girls who go on to have creative careers in this area of the arts.