The aim of the geography department is to cover the Common Entrance syllabus, whilst at the same time encouraging a lifelong interest in the subject.

Common Entrance topics are covered on a local, national and international level. Our Year 6 fieldwork is an investigation into microclimates within the school grounds. In Year 7, we complete a survey of the weathering and erosion found in the same area. The girls choose their own topic for the C.E. fieldwork enquiry, completed in Year 8. A very large range of topics has been covered in recent years.

The situation of Hanford is a geographer’s heaven with many local sites available to study, or to use as examples. On our doorstep we have the ancient hilltop settlements of Hambledon and Hod, which are both also Nature Reserves (Settlement & Environmental Issues).

We have a large dairy farm adjacent to the school and our very generous neighbour allows us to ride, run and walk across his land. The farm is used for one of our case studies in Year 8 (Economic Activities). These sites are all within one kilometre of the school, as is the River Stour, which is just a short walk across the fields (Rivers). The wonderful Dorset coastline, which supplies many of the examples of coastal scenery used in our text books, is only a short drive away (Coasts).

The only thing that we are missing nearby is an active volcano!