Our principal aim is to foster a life-long love of language and literature in all its forms through reading, writing, speaking and listening. We also aim to create a happy, purposeful environment where each individual child is nurtured and encouraged to achieve her full potential.

At the centre of all our English teaching and learning is a shared love of reading and the belief in the power of the written word to engage both at an individual and group level. The shared class text, whether story, poetry, non-fiction or play, is used to stimulate creativity and the imagination; to arouse an interest in the writer’s craft and the use of language; to develop a discriminating critical faculty and to enhance the powers of communication and expression in all its forms. This shared text, whether Shakespearean or contemporary, printed or electronic, provides the opportunity to look both out towards society and the needs of a rapidly changing world, as well as in towards the development and understanding of self.

English is taught in classes which are broadly streamed and involves working as a whole class, in small groups and independently. The small class sizes allow for much individual teacher attention. A broad range of resources is used including written material, pictures, photographs, DVD recordings, CDs, the internet and the beautiful and inspiring environment of Hanford. Theatre trips, school plays, the library and opportunities to write for a wider audience all contribute to the English curriculum, and flexibility and responding to the moment are seen as integral elements of a successful lesson; nothing is ever set in stone.

In short, we aim for an atmosphere of eager anticipation in a classroom where there is a genuine desire to learn and confidence can grow.