Chapel Life

The Chapel lies at the centre of Hanford life. The school day starts with a short service there. On Sundays there is a half hour non- denominational service taken by the Headmaster. The children read the lessons, sing the responses and sometimes sing or play their instruments.

The Chapel Choir sing anthems and the other choirs perform from time to time. The traditional words from the Prayer Book and the King James Bible are used. Parents are always welcome at the Sunday Service. There is a candlelit Compline during Lent in which the children play a leading role.

Finally, at Christmas, there are the two sittings of the Carol Service, in which children of all ages read the lessons and sing, and the Chapel is packed with parents. Sometimes there are christenings of Old Girls’ children and even weddings of those who have never forgotten the Chapel and what it meant to them. 

The Chapel is availble for weddings for ex-pupils, current staff and former staff of long standing